Brick or Block paving has seen a large growth rise in the past 30 years in the UK and Europe. Block paved driveways are a beautiful addition to your property that almost always add value to homes. Block paving can be used almost anywhere, it looks great for coverage of driveway areas or to great effect as pathways, patios or used in conjunction with other paving products e.g Tarmacadam to create bespoke unique features. It is a diverse product if used for decorative driveways or hard standing.

There are two basic types of block paving – The moulded concrete block and the Kiln-fired clay block, both types of block are commonly known as pavers or paviors. These are available in a vast amount of styles and colours for you to choose from ensuring your driveway or patio area is always bespoke to you. The added benefit of choosing block paving is that it is a relatively low maintenance product once it is laid requiring only sweeping occasionally to remove any dust and detritus. We do recommend that block paving be treated twice a year with a general weed killer such as sodium chlorite to help deter any weeds or mosses from growing in to the sand joints, or it can be power steam cleaned annually to keep that just been laid look! We do offer a follow on service of professional steam cleaning your paved areas, call or email for more information.


Tarmacadam or Tarmac/Bitmac is a very effective way of landscaping your pathways, driveways or any large areas that will be used for vehicles. It is available in black or red with the option of adding personalised centre pieces or edgings such as decorative stones, circle or shaped features and kerb stones. Tarmac is made up of rock, shale and asphalt cement and generally last 15 years or over. When laid correctly Tarmac assures an even texture finish which provides a safe surface minimising the risk of slips,trips and falls.

Sometimes an existing Tarmac or concrete surface can be over laid with a new wearing surface course ( Top coating ). This is usually a fast and cost effective way of refreshing your driveway area providing it is laid using the correct bitumen tac-coat emulsion.

  • Surface course
  • Binder course
  • Sub-base
  • Sub-grade

In most cases, a well laid Tarmacadam surface is impermeable to water and when laid correctly water should be directed to open ground or to suitable drainage points.


Patios can be installed using a variety of products, Indian sand stone, concrete flag stones or York stones being among the most popular. Stone flags come in a variety of forms but there are two main categories –

Calibrated – these flags are sawn or specifically worked to a constant regular thickness
Riven flags – these have a natural bedding plane within the rock which create a uneven surface reflecting the natural origin of the rock

Indian sand stone is a beautiful choice for any paving area it is available in around 8 different sizes and as many colours such as red, beige, green, grey, mint, teak, yellow and rainbow colours. The option of choosing Indian sand stone also provides a range of stone circles which are all hand cut and can be integrated in to your patio area or just used as a stand alone feature.

Concrete flag paving offers a clean, hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing surface for garden or driveway areas. With a durability that can out last concrete these paving stones, with a natural stone look help your driveway or patio become a visual asset to your home. Flag stones are available in a wide range of square or rectangle shapes and thicknesses offering a wide range of colours and textures.


A well built garden wall can help enhance any landscaping features, what ever your requirements we provide a large number of professional brick laying services including –

  • Garden Walls
  • Raised Bed Areas
  • Barbecue Housing
  • Enclosures for Rubbish Bins
  • Feature Walls
  • Dividing up Garden Areas


We supply and install all types of fencing from budget to luxury and modern to traditional –

  • Fencing Panels
  • Fence Posts
  • Concrete Base Panels
  • Concrete Fence Posts
  • Timber Gates


As a home owner you may have invested quite a lot of money in to your driveway and patio areas. We offer a professional comprehensive cleaning service for renovating all of your outside areas.

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Decking Areas
  • Tarmacadam
  • Brick Work and Wall Areas

Firstly using our mosmatic rotary cleaner with vacuum recovery we would clean down all of the surfaces, the rotary cleaner covers large areas whilst the vacuum sucks all the dirt and debris away at the point of cleaning. Next we would apply a general weed killer or fungicidal wash to kill any algae or moss spores. Once dry the area would then be re- sanded ensuring that all of the joints are re-covered.

As a final option we offer key bond lacquer weather seal which has many benefits

  • Helps Bond The Sand in to Place
  • Reduces Susceptibility of any Staying to the Paving
  • Helps Prevent Insect Nests
  • Helps Prevent Future Weed Growth
  • Brick Work and Wall Areas