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"We take pride in everything we do"

Does your driveway paving let your house down? Is it in need of repair? Or has your patio sunk?

These are all common faults when your driveway or patio has not been laid to the correct specifications. No matter how bad your driveway or patio may look, we can repair it!

We offer a professional repair service for driveways, paths and patios.

Loose or moving paving may need to be re-bedded, but it is more important to rectify the cause of the movement. Simply packing mortar in to the joint and hoping this will stop the rocking or wobble is a waste of time.
Settlement and/or subsidence of the substrate layers ie. sub-grade, sub-base and bedding layer is the most common reason for block paving failure, which may be the result of:

  • Wrong type of base material or insufficient base material
  • Incomplete compaction of the substrate layers during construction
  • Liquefaction of the bedding layer by water ingress
  • Failure of restraining edges
  • Loss of jointing material
  • Loads greater than the driveway or patio was designed to carry

Whatever the cause, it needs to be investigated and rectified before replacing or re-bedding the paving blocks.

Happy Customers

Below are a selection of comments that our happy customers have sent to us after their work was completed

  • A hard working professional company who took pride in customer satisfaction. Job done to a very high standard and would recommend to others.

    - Mr Mitchell, Boothstown, M28
  • We were very impressed throughout the whole process and it exceeded our expectations. Many thanks.

    - Mr Harris, Stretford, M32